Dug out of a drawer in Scotland, here’s a snapshot of history. The Wizard made a side trip to Tijuana, Mexico on one of their early tours (against the good advice of their manager, rumor has it.) Click the photo to see the whole thing.

From 1976 to 1988, Andy was the singer for Silly Wizard, a powerhouse Celtic folk band that redefined the genre, adding Andy’s original songs and tunes, written in traditional styles, to their comprehensive repertoire of Scottish and Irish “root” music. The band’s last tour of America in 1988 had sold-out gigs at every stop.

It was as Silly Wizard’s lead singer that Andy really earned a name for himself, as a talented songwriter, arranger of traditional songs and tunes, and perhaps became best known for his vibrant and evocative singing. His success with Silly Wizard allowed him to launch an independent music career after the band split up in 1988.