Music is an essential part of life that helps us reconnect with ourselves based on the kind of themes and images that a song tries to depict. This part about music helps us all during times of happiness, distress and more importantly times that makes us seek help. The music industry has witnessed some iconic names that have made some classic songs that is on everyone’s playlist. Scottish singers can be thanked separately for spreading this magic into music and enriching our souls in the process. So, here comes the time to acknowledge some of these artists and here is a list of some of the most famous ones from Scotland.

Maggie Bell

Unique talent mixed with some unique skills can be the perfect description that you can provide for Maggie Bell from Glasgow. The voice and passion that each song brought created a large impact in all our lives. Ever since she was discovered by the world in 1969, her tunes and melodies have remained in our minds for a long time.

Ian Anderson

Apart from being the frontman for the legendary group ‘Jethro Tull’. Although the band included some unique talent, people immediately recognised Ian Anderson, thanks to his abilities with the flute. The songs produced by this jazz hard rock and classical band went on to remain in the shelves of every household in Scotland. Ian Anderson is also known for making around five classic solo albums since 1983.

Edwyn Collins

Collins emerged into the music scene with the famous band ‘Orange Juice’. As the band split up, Edwyn Collins took the solo path and later found success in the industry. He released the critically acclaimed album ‘Gorgeous George’ in 1994 which went on to become a big hit, leaving critics and audiences mesmerised. Till this day, Collins remains as one of the most respected names in music.

Jack Bruce

People have witnessed a lot of debates that end up with zero conclusions when it comes to deciding the best in the business. The name Jack Bruce has often appeared in those debates, due to his unique ability of making songs that last for a lifetime. His sensational style and classic solo career created a lot of impacts on music that nobody will forget. He bid farewell to the world of music in October 2014, as he passed away.

Brian Connolly

Just like Maggie Bell, Brian Connolly is another classic singer who was born in Glasgow. He started his career as the lead singer for the band ‘The Sweet’ in the early 1970s. The group enjoyed some success, thanks to songs like “Love is Like Oxygen”, “Hellraiser”, among a few others. Due to his habit of drinking, he left the band in 1978 and later went on to create a solo career.