There is nothing more satisfying and soul rejuvenating like waking up to a new place, at a different time zone and somewhere beyond the monotony of your life. The world and nature have a lot to provide that many of us are yet to experience. The best adventures are always created when you are pulled out of your comfort zone. To expand the tales you have collected to remind yourself of the beauty of the life you led, it is a must that you visit at least ones a few places around the globe that will give you chills while enlightening you. This article rounds up a few of the must-visit places around the world that should be in the top of your mmc996 thai bucket list.

Hike to the top of piaynemo in raja ampat

The Piaynemo Island in Raja Ampat is indefinitely one of the most picturesque destinations that Indonesia has to provide. Starting from the dock of the Island is a set of stairs which will lead us to a forest. The three hundred and eighteen stairs is not an easy task to cover considering the humidity but the view and the ambience is worth every drop of sweat. Once you reach the highest point, you can see the beautiful and dreamy karst island seascape. Moreover, you get to visually cherish the sight of many small islands which are gracefully surrounded by a dozen shades of brilliant turquoise. To make up for climbing the stairs and the humidity and to rejuvenate your taste buds are given a taste of paradise with fresh coconut water.

Pull an all-nighter in ibiza

The Island off the coast of Spain, Ibiza, apart from being famous for its parties; it has a fantastic array of lux beaches and astoundingly clear water. The dual advantage of Ibiza is that you can party hard all-night while beginning your day with a peaceful stroll along the beach while watching the sunrise. You are provided with offers you cannot resist from clubs to fests to mouthwatering food to amazing stays.

Spend a night in jordan’s wadi rum desert

Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert has a whooping landscape of seven hundred and twenty meters. The desert is adorned with sheer-sided sandstone and granite monoliths. Spending a night at this desert is an experience one can never forget. It is an adventure on its own. What makes this UNESCO desert the ultimate adventure is that you can ride camels along the same path as Lawrence of Arabia, bring out the sporty child in you by running down the soft dunes and spent the night by sleeping inside of a tent in a small Bedouin-run camp while being surrounded by sandstone rocks.

Walk of faith at the tianmen mountain in china

In the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, you will without fail come across a 196-foot long see-through glass path. What makes this glass path a sight of spectacular and a “walk of faith” is the fact that it stands over 4,000 feet above sea level. This adrenaline-producing glass path is built attached to the side of the Tianmen Mountain.