What the Press say about Andy M. Stewart:

The Scotsman Magazine

“…his (Andy M. Stewart’s) songs and his singing have deep Celtic roots and touch sensitive emotional chords.”

Hot Press Dublin

(about the album, Dublin Lady) “…standouts include “Freedom is like Gold“, a fierce attack, both musical and lyrical, on the power that money can buy, and “Take Her in Your Arms,” a very funny love song based on an old Bothy Band reel. The finest moment, though, comes on “Heart of the Home,” which is both beautifully simple and simply beautiful.”

The Living Tradition, Hector Christie

(About Man in the Moon album) “Seriously this is an absolute stonker of an album that kicks off well with “The Echo Mocks the Corncrake” and progressively gets better and better as it winds its way through the tracks…. Outstanding plus.”

The Columbus Dispatch

“As a member of Silly Wizard, he (Andy) wrote stunning originals such as “The Queen of Argyll”, “The Valley of Strathmore”, and “The Ramblin’ Rover.” His is as much at ease with a heart-rending ballad such as “My Heart Belongs to She” or “If I Never Spend a Morning Without You” as he is with lighter fare such as “Take Her in Your Arms.”

The Scotsman, Alastair Clark

(About Man in the Moon) Andy’s songs, “gentle, poignant, poetic, as if much time had been spent on mountain-tops eyeing the deserted glens beneath him…. But no one listening to “MacGregor’s Gathering,” based on lines by Scott, could doubt there’s fire in the belly, too.”

The Boston Globe

“Andy M. Stewart is among the finest interpreters of Scottish Folk songs and a wonderful songwriter.”