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Andy M. Stewart has been delighting audiences with his music and humour for more than three decades.Born in Perthshire, Scotland, Andy grew up in a family noted for its fine traditional singing. He first drew the attention of the music world with his work as lead singer and instrumentalist for Silly Wizard, with whom he toured until their break-up in 1988.


About Andy M. Stewart


A singer songwriter who always took inspiration from his life experience.

Scottish Singer & Songwriter

A well known Scottish singer who can make anyone want to grove and move with his tunes that touched the heart.


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Love Story

Andy M.Stewart can make sure that you have the right platform to make sure that your voice receives the recognition it deserves.

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All That You Need in Gambling

All That You Need To Know Is Here

People tend to engage in gambling these days. There are a lot of websites that offer people the advantage of gambling. Gambling is not only done for money but also a source of entertainment and passion. People who are passionate about it engage mostly in this activity. Gambling is a sport or an event whose outcome is uncertain. There are three important things in gambling an amount to be considered, a risk factor and the prize. It means you need to sign a contract with the person you are gambling. The risk means the value you invest can be gained or lost. A combination of all these related terms together forms gambling in 4d past results. The article will tell you about poker, casino and other forms of gambling. You will also learn how to play poker online.

Types of gambling

While gambling is done for money, there are various types of gambling that are played by people. 

  • Slot machine games-It is a casino gambling machine. It consists of a standard display with reels and wheels on it. They keep on rotating. It also develops a game of chance for the players in which the outcome is more certain as it depends on another machine. Such a game can let players win a lottery.
  • Video poker-it is based on the five-card draw poker concept. It is considered to be the basic and simplest variant of Poker and hence can be played by the beginners. It is rarely played in casino tournaments and more such games but mostly played in a home game. 
  • Bingo-It is a game in which players need to match certain boxes with number in the defined pattern. It is also a game of chance in which the numbers are printed on cards. The hoster needs to announce the number and if the player picks up the same number then it needs to be arranged in a row.


Non-casino games

Some games are there that are not included in the casino. These can be referred to as offline games. 

  • Dead pool-It is a game of guessing that can avail lotteries to players. Players need to guess when someone can die. If the guess is right players can win money. 
  • Lotteries-It includes drawing random numbers from a set of numbers. These lotteries are stated by the government or in some cases local or state government. If both the numbers match, players get the money.
  • Scratch cards-these are the cards with some information. Players need to scratch it and store the revealed information containing some amount.


Sum up

If are passionate towards gambling then you can read more about the same. You read more about how to win lottery easily and what are the tactics to be followed. Almost all the games mentioned in the article are legal and a lot of people tend to engage in these activities. So start today and find out the game that fascinates you much. Engage in gambling and be a star.


The perfect italy packing list for the summer

The perfect italy packing list for the summer

We should not consider packing as a 96ace chore. It is when we look at it as a daunting task that we often feel like cancelling or keeping the trip for a later date. To make the process of packing easy, prepare a list of the necessary items beforehand so that you need not run around in the last minute, confused and worried as to what to add and what to discard. The article tries to unveil the necessary items that you need to incorporate in your luggage on your trip to Italy during the summer.

The kind of clothes

Casual clothing

Explore more of relaxed vibes by opting wear more easily wearable clothes. The genre of casual clothing incorporates a wide array of options ranging from light maxi-dress, linen button-up shirts, tailored shorts and relaxed t-shirts. The ultimate goal of this sort of attire is to avoid making a fashion spill and to protect your skin from sunburn. Lean mostly towards cotton and other breathable materials while staying away from silk, acrylic or polyester.

A swimsuit

Do not forget to pack your swimwear; bikinis to one piece to board shorts. The best part about the summer is the beaches. The warm beaches will let you embrace the beach, the water and the sand even more than usual.

A beach cover-up

As important as it is to pack swimwear, do not forget to carry with you a beach cover-up. It is essential because the harsh sun can most likely give you a sunburn.

 A disposable rain poncho

The weather can be highly unpredictable. To avoid running the risk of getting wet in the rain, carry with you a disposable rain poncho. The advantage of this necessary precaution is that due to its foldable nature, it takes very little space.

Chinos or a light pair of trousers

Avoid packing clothes of heavy denim material as they tend to take up a lot of space and will increase the weight of your luggage. Pack small shorts and trousers which are comfortable to wear and gives you a lot of breathing space.


Apart from the casual dresses that you are carrying, make sure to take a few dresses that you can wear for special occasions like an expensive dinner or to a fancy luncheon.

Apart from the clothes, make sure you carry certain other equally essential items. Double-check keputusan nombor lotto whether you are taking with you your passport nombor lotto, travel documents, any required medications, and funds via cash or credit card. Furthermore, carry with you a travel diary so that you can note down all the exciting things and attributes about Italy to cherish forever. Take a light and small travel backpack for all day to day travels and explorations  so that you will not get lethargic. Do not forget to take a waterproof camera case so that you can avoid a disaster and save a lot of time.

The ultimate bucket list destinations

The ultimate bucket list destinations

There is nothing more satisfying and soul rejuvenating like waking up to a new place, at a different time zone and somewhere beyond the monotony of your life. The world and nature have a lot to provide that many of us are yet to experience. The best adventures are always created when you are pulled out of your comfort zone. To expand the tales you have collected to remind yourself of the beauty of the life you led, it is a must that you visit at least ones a few places around the globe that will give you chills while enlightening you. This article rounds up a few of the must-visit places around the world that should be in the top of your mmc996 thai bucket list.

Hike to the top of piaynemo in raja ampat

The Piaynemo Island in Raja Ampat is indefinitely one of the most picturesque destinations that Indonesia has to provide. Starting from the dock of the Island is a set of stairs which will lead us to a forest. The three hundred and eighteen stairs is not an easy task to cover considering the humidity but the view and the ambience is worth every drop of sweat. Once you reach the highest point, you can see the beautiful and dreamy karst island seascape. Moreover, you get to visually cherish the sight of many small islands which are gracefully surrounded by a dozen shades of brilliant turquoise. To make up for climbing the stairs and the humidity and to rejuvenate your taste buds are given a taste of paradise with fresh coconut water.

Pull an all-nighter in ibiza

The Island off the coast of Spain, Ibiza, apart from being famous for its parties; it has a fantastic array of lux beaches and astoundingly clear water. The dual advantage of Ibiza is that you can party hard all-night while beginning your day with a peaceful stroll along the beach while watching the sunrise. You are provided with offers you cannot resist from clubs to fests to mouthwatering food to amazing stays.

Spend a night in jordan’s wadi rum desert

Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert has a whooping landscape of seven hundred and twenty meters. The desert is adorned with sheer-sided sandstone and granite monoliths. Spending a night at this desert is an experience one can never forget. It is an adventure on its own. What makes this UNESCO desert the ultimate adventure is that you can ride camels along the same path as Lawrence of Arabia, bring out the sporty child in you by running down the soft dunes and spent the night by sleeping inside of a tent in a small Bedouin-run camp while being surrounded by sandstone rocks.

Walk of faith at the tianmen mountain in china

In the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, you will without fail come across a 196-foot long see-through glass path. What makes this glass path a sight of spectacular and a “walk of faith” is the fact that it stands over 4,000 feet above sea level. This adrenaline-producing glass path is built attached to the side of the Tianmen Mountain.


Different ways to gamble

Different ways to gamble

If you are a beginner, we want to make sure that you have all the right ways to get you started with gambling. There are many ways that one can begin with their gambling journey, but not all of them are known ways. Here are some different ways to help you get started on the gambling journey.

Starting hosting a home poker game

This is one of the best ways to get you started on the gambling journey. This is one night where you can learn all the tips and tricks that can lead to a win. You can also involve some amount of money which can make the game much more enjoyable.

Join an office pool

There are a lot of offices out there who have betting pools that run successfully, especially during the football season. All you have to do is get involved and get a certain degree of skill which can give you an eye to catch the winner. These pools are especially active during the football season, which can give you a definite win.

Sign-up for a season-long fantasy sports league for money

This is another way to get involved in gambling. There are many football teams out there, but there are many other sports that you can still bet on live online casino malaysia. Whenever there is money involved, you can be sure that the excitement level is going to hike.

Try daily fantasy sports on the internet

There are many sites which can make sure that you can play certain games for money. These are buy-ins daily fantasy sports contest which you can buy for as low as $0.25. These daily fantasy sports are some games which requires you to have certain skills. Although these games do not give you the right opportunities for you to win as the ration will look something like 1: 200,000 shot.

Sign up at an online casino

The place where you live might not have any on land casinos, one best way to get started on a casino is through online casinos. Live online casino are some of the best ways to help give you an understanding of what a casino will look like in the right world. Slot machines and video poker games are games which require us to have no skill which can give you the winning odds less on your part.

Find a local Bookie and place some sports bets

This is one way you can get involved with the law. Even though betting is legal in most of the country it is covered under the grey area. Trying to find a bookie is one of the most trickiest parts, which is the reason one needs to make sure that they find the right person who they can trust as there is money involved.

How to be a successful gambler

How to be a successful gambler

There are certain things that separate the pros from the amateurs, which has different variables to different people. Here are certain 711 kelab tips which can make sure that you become a successful gambler.

Narrow down you speciality

This is a rather important one where you need to master a game. This can ensure that you have high possibilities of winning. Try to make sure that you give the right attention it deserves, which can give you a unique set of rules and the right idea to bet on the hand right.

Find a logical system


Most of the times, playing these casino games is simple math. If you find the right way to win, try to make sure that you derive the right strategy from it. Try to take into consideration all of the odds and potentials, which can help increase the number of wins. It is often the matter of odds and trying to make them wager off right.

Keep a record

Always keep a record of all your wins and losses. This will allow you to progress over time and also help you determine the right outcome. Try to make sure that you have entered all the right details which can help ensure that your games, odds and stakes are high. Always try to pick up a Malaysia Live Casino trend which can give valuable clues to help polish your games. This can be an extra task but can be a helpful one to make sure of your winnings.

Play as much as possible

Practice makes a man perfect as this allows you to be the best at the game you play. This helps you predict the outcome of a race or sporting, even without losing any money. You can add the monetary value after you are confident about your skills at winning. Online games are the best ways to get started and sharpen your memory to help ensure that you gain some experience in a risk-free environment.

Managing your money

This is one of the major parts of gambling online live casino Malaysia . Always try to make sure that you have enough money to help ensure that even if you lose you won’t be hurt. Always try to make sure make sure that you stick to the budget. This will ensure that you do not make decisions out of fear. If you feel that you are able to find the right place to get you started on the right game and win in the process. Also, you can always try to keep the bankroll small as this will give you a satisfactory experience and also raise your stakes higher.

Famous Scottish Solo Singers

Famous Scottish Solo Singers

Music is an essential part of life that helps us reconnect with ourselves based on the kind of themes and images that a song tries to depict. This part about music helps us all during times of happiness, distress and more importantly times that makes us seek help. The music industry has witnessed some iconic names that have made some classic songs that is on everyone’s playlist. Scottish singers can be thanked separately for spreading this magic into music and enriching our souls in the process. So, here comes the time to acknowledge some of these artists and here is a list of some of the most famous ones from Scotland.

Maggie Bell

Unique talent mixed with some unique skills can be the perfect description that you can provide for Maggie Bell from Glasgow. The voice and passion that each song brought created a large impact in all our lives. Ever since she was discovered by the world in 1969, her tunes and melodies have remained in our minds for a long time.

Ian Anderson

Apart from being the frontman for the legendary group ‘Jethro Tull’. Although the band included some unique talent, people immediately recognised Ian Anderson, thanks to his abilities with the flute. The songs produced by this jazz hard rock and classical band went on to remain in the shelves of every household in Scotland. Ian Anderson is also known for making around five classic solo albums since 1983.

Edwyn Collins

Collins emerged into the music scene with the famous band ‘Orange Juice’. As the band split up, Edwyn Collins took the solo path and later found success in the industry. He released the critically acclaimed album ‘Gorgeous George’ in 1994 which went on to become a big hit, leaving critics and audiences mesmerised. Till this day, Collins remains as one of the most respected names in music.

Jack Bruce

People have witnessed a lot of debates that end up with zero conclusions when it comes to deciding the best in the business. The name Jack Bruce has often appeared in those debates, due to his unique ability of making songs that last for a lifetime. His sensational style and classic solo career created a lot of impacts on music that nobody will forget. He bid farewell to the world of music in October 2014, as he passed away.

Brian Connolly

Just like Maggie Bell, Brian Connolly is another classic singer who was born in Glasgow. He started his career as the lead singer for the band ‘The Sweet’ in the early 1970s. The group enjoyed some success, thanks to songs like “Love is Like Oxygen”, “Hellraiser”, among a few others. Due to his habit of drinking, he left the band in 1978 and later went on to create a solo career.

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